Lauf UK Ambassador

Waiting for YOU to sign up!

We at Lauf want to demonstrate the diversity of gravel riding, what Seigla was created for.

We will do this through a new team of ambassadors, who get the opportunity to ride Seigla Race Wireless bikes for the entire 2023 season!

We are looking for 4 new members to join the team in the UK.

The ambassador programme will be open to riders of all ages and riding styles who simply share the love of all things gravel. Seigla debuted in April 2022, complete with the boasting more speed, more capability, huge 2.25” tyre clearance, more traction, more comfort and with all that, creating what is perhaps the most adaptable and capable gravel bikes on the market.

Riders selected to be ambassadors will have the opportunity to demonstrate this with a bike that allows for such a diverse range of riding. Seigla can handle it all, from the most extreme adventures and journeys to your favourite local riding spots, or an element of competitive events.

Lauf supports several events within UK shores, including Lauf Gritfest in Mid Wales and the long-distance Dirty Reiver in Kielder Forest.

Sign up closes on January 31st!

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