Direct to You!

What is DTY?

We love talking to you, so naturally we want to connect with you even more. It's our pleasure to be able to serve you high-end bikes without any intermediaries - wherever you are in the world.

  • Great Value
    By talking directly with our customers we can offer value that is unmatched by the competition.
  • Just Ride
    The bike is delivered to you - almost fully assembled. You only have to mount the handlebar, seat post and front tire. So you're ready to roll out-of-the-box in minutes - and just ride.
  • Inside Information
    We look forward to answer your questions directly from our own offices. You'll get all the information from the people that designed the products. We're located in Reykjavik, Iceland and Harrisonburg, VA, USA - so you should see us online pretty much all the time.
  • Got Questions?
    If you got questions on anything - fit, spec, colors, whatever. You can always find us on the chat.
  • Lauf Unfiltered
    You're getting Lauf unfiltered - direct to you. We look forward to enjoy the trip with you.
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