The True Lauf Promise

Ride it for up to 30 days, return it if you are not feeling it (for forks, handlebars and other products see Component return policy below).

Ride the bike for up to 30 days, return it if you are not laufing it

What you are currently feeling, is it true lauf? You can now test-ride your new Lauf bike with your friends on your local trails for 30 days (yes, that’s 30 days!). If it wasn’t meant to be, just let us know and we’ll hold your hand through the grieving process and get you a refund.

It’s normal to be hesitant going from online dating straight to marriage. Without ever meeting in person. Well, now we’ve addressed that problem!

Is it the bike type for you, is the fit and size right, is that fork as good as Lauf riders claim, how’s that drivetrain? Get one and find out!

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. We want you to be 100% satisfied.

What do we ask from you in return?

If you feel like things are off to a rocky start, reach out to us on our Live Chat and we’ll see if we can assist the two of you hitting it off. How? It could be: Fitting advice from our experts, drivetrain tips and tricks, advice on the right tire pressures for different riding, online help setting it up tubeless, etc. Maybe even setting up a Zoom call with you to really look into it all.

We ask for this because we know sometimes a simple adjustment is all that is needed, and we also ask for this because we really want to understand our customers. You.

What can I (not) do on the bike?

  • Set the wheels up tubeless or wax the chain voids the return right. Please don't tubeless the wheels or wax the chain if you might consider to return it within the 30 days!
  • Racing the bike voids the return right. We race bikes ourselves and we know how we push ourselves and our bikes to the limit in a race. Taking it easy down a rocky downhill segment? Carefully laying the bike down in a feed zone? Stopping to make sure the chain is carefully lubed? No way!
  • Mounting bags or other accessories voids the return right. Exceptions are handlebar mounted lights and a speedometer. Because, you’ll need to see where you are going and you need to see how fast our bikes are!
  • Long distance travelling with the bike (where it needs to be packed in a bike bag, e.g. on a plane) voids the return right. We know how airlines sometimes abuse bike bags.
  • Clearly, we also ask you to take good care of your bike. Try to keep it in mint condition.

A return

You will need to fill out the “Not Laufing It?” form within 30 days of receiving your bike – see below. Then we’ll get right back to you and figure it all out.

  • If it ever comes to that, here is how you would need to pack your bike. Please keep the box and protection in case you want to make a return. Pack the bike carefully as it were your own and make sure no parts are rubbing or can damage the frame or components.
  • If a returned bike is not clean when we receive it, a cleaning fee of $100 will apply.
  • In case of significant damages on frame or parts within the 30 day return window, we reserve the right to withdraw a reasonable amount from a full refund.
  • For your own protection against damage in shipping, please make sure to attach clear (good lighting and resolution, in sharp focus) photos of the bike with your return request. In case of a frame or component damage due to insufficient packing we reserve the right to withdraw an reasonable amount from a full refund.
  • For a size swap within 30 days, Lauf covers all associated costs. For other returns, you only pay a fixed $100 fee for handling and restocking if a return request is submitted within 14 days from receival, $200 if submitted on days 15-30. Shipping fee is non-refundable.

Return policy for Lauf components and other products

Items bought in the online store have a 14 day return policy from delivery date.

  • Please contact us through the form here below for an authorization on return.
  • In order to return a product, it needs to be unused & in mint condition. Water bottles and cycling bibs are exempt from the return policy and can not be returned.
  • Product needs to be in the original packaging up on return.
  • Customers need to send the returned product to Lauf North America HQ*
    *Customer service will provide return instruction
  • Return products need to include a tracking number that is provided to Lauf after shipping.
  • Please note that no refunds will be made before we have received the returned product and have examined it.
  • Lauf is not responsible for products damaged in shipping or damaged due to insufficient packing.

Please choose a return form below and make sure to attach good photos of the product you want to return. 

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