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True Grit
What is the difference between the True Grit and the Anywhere?
Can I use my road wheelset with 12mm thru-axle on my True Grit?
My card was not authorised when trying to purchase a product on the Lauf website
How long does shipping take after I make my order?
Can I get the True Grit with a JAF fork?
Why are there no women’s specific Lauf bikes?
Why choose a Lauf suspension fork?
Are there any proprietary parts on the True Grit or Anywhere bikes?
How long does it take to receive bike orders?
How long does it take to receive fork & handlebars orders?
How long does it take to receive parts orders?
Can I pay extra to have my order processed/shipped faster?
Does Santa Claus deliver your bikes during Christmas?
Do you offer any discounts?
Can I be a Lauf dealer / reseller
What does “Ships DHL express within x business days” mean?
Why am I not seeing any ship-out date?
I have wrist/shoulder pain. Will the suspension fork help me?
Can I get a Lauf bike in a custom color?
Where can I test ride / demo a Lauf bike?
Why don't we come out with a new version of our bikes every year?
Is it possible to purchase a Lauf bike using "CycleScheme UK"
Can I get my Lauf bike with a Shimano groupset?
Can I change my Lauf bike to a flat bar bike?
Can I add a dropper seat post to my Lauf bike?
What is your return policy for bikes?
What is the stem length on the True Grit, Anywhere & Seigla
Where can I buy the Lauf products / bikes
I am ordering a bike to the United Kingdom. Are the brakes set up UK style or “rest of the world” style?
I’m in between sizes, which size should I choose?
Can I change the stem or bar on the bike?
Can I change or upgrade the specs for the bike I want to buy?
Can I return my bike?
Is it true that eternal happiness comes with Lauf bikes?
Can I assemble the bike myself?
What is the weight limit for the Lauf bikes?
Are there rack mounts on the True Grit, Anywhere & Seigla bikes?
Are there fender mounts on the True Grit, Anywhere & Seigla bikes?
Where are the Lauf bikes / products made?
How much is the added tax for my country?
Can I use my road wheelset with 12mm thru-axle on my Anywhere?
Do the bikes arrive with tubeless setup?
Can I buy a frameset only?
How much is shipping of components?
Does the fork fit my bike?
Do the bikes with XPLR and Transmission groupset have wireless shifting?
Do you offer financing plans?
What payment options do you have in the online store?
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